Welcome to Reach One Hundred


Welcome to Reach One Hundred


Welcome to Reach One Hundred


Pilates helps reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance by strengthening the core and intricate muscles, which are the foundation, building blocks and powerhouse to the body.


Pilates can assist in a quicker and more effective recovery with an individualised programme, designed to strengthen and stretch the injured area, the supporting muscles and re-align the body.


Pilates exercises targeting every area of the body, will lead to multiple benefits, such as improved strength and tone, increased energy and concentration and reduction in pain or risk of injury.


What is Reach One Hundred?

The name comes from the iconic Pilates exercise which exemplifies ultimate core control and muscle balance. The basis is taking Pilates back to when it was developed on scientific and medicinal principles to build strength, muscle balance and core control. It is a powerful and versatile form of exercise that can help you rehabilitate from injury/illness, build strength and tone or improve your overall well-being.

How Reach One Hundred and Pilates can help?
Whether you are looking to improve sports performance, strength, posture, or for pain management & injury rehabilitation, I can design a program using the knowledge and qualifications within various fields.

How I like to work
I build tailored programmes to meet your own personal goals. I give you documentation to be able to do home exercises between sessions, to see real results within a couple of weeks.


What I Offer?

Private Sessions, bringing Pilates to you

Individually Tailored Programme
Location to suit you
Use of Small Equipment (supplied)
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Train with your Family or Friends
Location to suit you
Affordable & Effective
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Team Building
Location to suit you
Improving Work Efficiency
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What my Clients Say


Find out more about the person behind Reach One Hundred with Life Experiences, Events and my journey with Pilates

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For any further information, please leave your details and I will contact you

Contact Number

+356 7904 1184

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Questions you might have

Where is the Training Held?

Training is held at any location of your choice whether that being within your house, outdoors or in the office.  I will travel to you!

When can be sessions be held?

Preferably you’d have a fixed session time in the week (Monday-Sunday), however, sessions can be arranged week by week to fit your schedule

How long are the sessions?

All sessions are usually 45-60 minutes, however, this can be tailored to fit within your schedule.

Can the people within the group session be altered during the package?

Yes to encourage further people to try Pilates the people within the group can be changed as long as its in the range paid for.

What is the cancellation policy?

24 hour notice must be given to change or cancel a session.  If sudden unforseen circumstances occur you can contact me to discuss this notice.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

Mats amd small equipment such as hoops, bands and balls, can be provided within the 1-2 people package.

What are the Payment Methods?

Payment can be done through Bank Transfer, Cash, Revolut or BOV Cheque.